July Recap!

July was a busy month, but unfortunately not for art productivity. Between finalizing the house buying process, packing, moving, unpacking, and pokemon go (sorry!) drawing and painting was hard to come by. The last week of July, though, I’ve been able to pick up productivity.


There was a lot of sketching this month, and some work on images, but not a lot was completed. I have a concept in mind for a game of thrones piece, but it’s not coming out how I want. I typically don’t work in value first, and then converting to color. It’s a common practice, and I’ve seen some excellent artwork come out of it. However, in this piece colors seem muddy and un-lifelike when layering a color layer over it. This whole painting is a struggle, from getting faces to be recognizable, to working with a new medium (clip studio paint), to getting the colors to work. I am strongly considering restarting the whole image from the thumbnail stage onward. I really love the concept, and I think it could work well… if I could just get it properly executed.

On a more positive note, I did have much more success with a recent drawing of Ahsoka. Regrettably I should have done the lineart in another program – the process would have been simpler and perhaps come out a little better. But this was one of few paintings I’ve done that was entirely in photoshop. Most of my work starts as a physical sketch, or at some stage touches another painting program for blending or other effects. I will say this for photoshop – it makes lightsabers hella easy to do.

Near the end of the month I started finally settling into my new office/art studio area and making some pencil work. It had been a while since I really pushed pencil work and used it for more than just an initial sketch, so I started a drawing and kept going. I wanted to push the values darker and more contrasted than I usually do with pencil. This piece is about 90% pencil, with the darkest splotch in the middle done with pentel pocket brush pen and outlined in white sakura gel pen. Minor highlights and a light sepia tone were added in photoshop. The final image next to it is still in process – I may add more pencil work and then bring it into PS for another pass. Going for a spookier vibe with that one. (I don’t know what it is about the face.. it looks a little different than the faces I usually draw.)

Onward to August! I finally have a big spacious desk and most of my items settled in shelves and whatnot, so getting work done is a lot easier now. We do own a house now so there’ll be more time spent towards managing it.. but eh! Drawing will get done too.


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